Trust Registration Services

Before getting into the details of the procedure of Registering Trust, you must first have a basic understanding of a trust.

Trusts play a very important role in the development of a country. During situations where the government fails to be of help, trusts and NGO’s take up the responsibility.

Process involved in Trust Registration

process involved trust registration

Taking care of your Trust Registration Needs

At Chhota CFO, we provide hassle-free trust Deed Registration Services. Our expert team will be of great help to you when you have a series of queries that need apt answers.

We’ll also help you with Online Trust Registration!

We don’t just take care of trust registrations, we also take care of other Company Registrations like Society registration , Producer company registration and Foreign compnay registration.

Benefit Of Getting Your Firm Registered as A Trust

Most people set up a trust with the purpose of getting involved in charitable activities and also acquiring certain benefits. Trust registrations also help in tax exemption. Charitable trusts are nonprofit organizations. However, to benefit from all these advantages, the charitable trust should have a legal entity.

The formation of every trust involves the Registration of a deed. Therefore, the Charitable Trust Registration is also referred to as a trust deed.

There are quite a few resources provided by The Federal and State Law Departments in India to guide the charitable organizations and the common people. Donors not only get the tax benefits but also the hope to pass the assets on to their legal heirs. This is the reason donors become interested in investing their assets in a reputable trust organization.

Registering a firm as a charitable trust requires you to have some basic knowledge about how to set up a new trust in terms of its registration, the requirements for registration and the fees payable for the Registration are concerned. Both, the Federal and the State authorities have set up their system of Registration of Charitable Trusts.

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