Section 8 Company

A section 8 company is one similar to a trust or a society, the only difference being, a section 8 company is registered under the Central Government – Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Trusts and Societies are registered under the State Government.

A section 8 company has a wider scope of advantages when compared to a trust or a society. It has improved recognition and better legal understanding.

Minimum Requirement For A Section 8 Company

Section 8 company

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Advantages Of Section 8 Company

  •  Distinct Legal Identity:
    Section 8 Company has a separate legal entity. The leak standings vested on a Section 8 company is different from the legal standings of its members. These companies have an organized operation and greater flexibility.
  •  Zero Stamp Duty:
    A Section 8 Company is exempted from paying stamp duty on the MoA and AoA which is applicable for the Private or Public Limited Company.
  •  No Minimum Capital Requirement:
    No minimum capital limit is required for the commencement of a Section 8 Company. Another advantage is that the capital structure can be altered at any stage as per the requirement of the company growth. The funds necessary for carrying the business operations can be obtained through donations and/or subscriptions from members and the general public. There is no mandatory rule as such for a Section 8 Company to suffix Limited or Private Limited, next to its legal name. Registrations can be done with names that have words like Association, Society, Council, Club, Charities, Foundation, Academy, Institute, Organisation, and Federation.
  •  Tax Benefits:
    There are many tax benefits granted to a Section 8 company
  •  Credibility:
    Section 8 Companies are reliable and are governed by the Companies Act and are regulated strictly. Alteration in the Annual Audit or the MOA and AOA cannot be done at any stage or situation

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