Non Banking Financial Company or NBFC Services

NBFC is nothing but a financial institution that has been incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013. An NBFC has various Financial Services, but does not possess a banking licence.

NBFC is highly regulative and offers many benefits. Registering NBFC will help you gain the confidence of borrowers and also improves the security of the capital of your business.

Procedure to Incorporate NBFC


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Roles and Functions of an NBFC

NBFCs play an important role in carrying out financial services in the Indian Economy. After many transformations, most of the NBFC Start-ups have adopted high-end tech-based business model.

  • NBFC creates a balance in the financial needs of the country.
  • NBFC is responsible to provide loans based on the credit scores of the person applying for the loan.
  • NBFC model is usually preferred by the Indian Fintech Start-ups to offer financial services.

An NBFC has many benefits. They help you gain security and the confidence of borrowers. NBFCs are the best when it comes to wealth management and managing portfolios, stocks and shares.

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