Nidhi Company Registration In India

Registering Your Company as a Nidhi company is the most feasible way of starting a loan Business in India.

Starting a Nidhi company is quite easy as it involves easy documentation and a minimum of 7 persons.

After three years of working within a district, a Nidhi company can open three other branches.

Process Of Registration Of Nidhi Company

nidhi company

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Nidhi Company Registration Requirement

    • Capital Requirement

A minimum paid-up share capital of Rs five lakh is required to register a Nidhi company. The name of the company must end with Nidhi Limited.

    • Directors

There should be a minimum of 3 directors. The minimum age of the directors must be18+ Years. Family members are also eligible to join as directors.

    • Shareholders

Minimum 7 Share shareholders are required. Directors are also allowed to own shares in Nidhi Company.

    • No Minimum Shareholdings

If you want to keep maximum control over the business you’re allowed to retain even 99.99% shares.

    • No Finance Experience Required

You are still eligible for Nidhi company License even if you do not have any experience with NBFC , bank or Nidhi

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