A presentation of the business model that demonstrates the potential for the expansion and viability of the company is typically included in an investor pitch deck. It is a succinct presentation of your company in 15–25 slides that includes all the crucial details about your business concept.

It takes a lot of time and effort to raise money from investors. If the investor pitch deck is flawless and creates a compelling, intriguing tale about your business ideas, it might act as a booster for companies.

Mission and vision of the company

  • It clarifies the company’s operations for its clients.
  • how the business treats its staff.

Additionally, it clarifies the company’s duties to its owners

Guidance of start-up pitch deck

  • Decks don’t need to be elegant or formal.
  • Give a catchy introduction or tagline.
  • shorten your deck (less than 20 pages).
  • Make use of analogies to support your arguments.
  • strong introduction and vision at the outset
  • Show issues and provide fixes
  • Determine market potential
  • Clear product and service presentation
  • Examine your company plan
  • Featured financials
  • Add case studies and/or social proof.
  • Stand out from the competition
  • demonstrate a capable management group




Entrepreneur Pitch Deck Do:

  • Create a captivating introduction to win over the audience right away.
  • Try to be genuine and excited since you have all the facts in your hands.
  • Set a time limit for your presentation and keep it brief (15–20 slides).
  • Utilize the time allocated and, if at all feasible, utilise less time than necessary to leave time for questions and comments.
  • Assume the questions in advance and get ready with all possible responses.
  • To improve the topic and presentation style, practise on the pitch and wherever else is necessary.
  • Practise your pitch in front of others, perhaps some friends you can rely on to offer feedback. Practice consistently until you achieve perfection.


Entrepreneur pitch Deck Don’t

  • Entrepreneur Pitch Deck Don’t worry and be aware of your body language before the presentation.There’s no need to concentrate more on the obvious.
  • Avoid creating wordy slides.
  • There’s no need to hasten the slides. Give the slides a clear view for the investors.
  • Tell a story and speak freely. You don’t have to read from your slides; just thoroughly explain your position.
  • Excessive financial information should be avoided because it can be given in a follow-up.
  • You cannot have a subpar design, subpar visuals, or a subpar overall vibe.
  • The pitch deck does not have to include every single element.

Pitch deck infographic



  • Problem The most important part of any investor pitch deck is the slide that describes the issue. The main justification is that you will always run into issues if you own a business. You have the chance to describe the current issue on this slide.
  • Solution After outlining the issues in the slide, you must go on to the remedies you are proposing. The answer to the issue must be succinct and to the point. It is advised to utilise text boxes and icons to divide your solution’s components if there are several of them.
  • Commercial Validation An investor pitch deck for Airbnb includes a slide for market validation. It will be a good idea to have this slide even though it is not necessary.


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